Crossrail 2 is the new tube line through Wandsworth and into central London.

Our local station had been planned at Tooting Broadway, but Transport for London (TfL) has discovered difficult ground conditions under Tooting and is thinking of moving the station to Balham.

Tooting was originally chosen as it is more in need of the economic boost and better rail connectivity that Crossrail 2 will bring. However, by moving the station to Balham the cost of Crossrail 2 will be less and surface disruption during construction will be reduced.

Wandsworth Council still believes a station at Tooting Broadway will deliver the maximum benefit to our area – but what do you think?

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Have your say: should the station be at Balham or Tooting Broadway?


About Crossrail 2

Crossrail 2 is the proposed full-sized underground railway that will run North-South across London, with stops planned at Clapham Junction and – until this month – Tooting Broadway. It will also stop at Victoria, Tottenham Court Road and King's Cross / Euston.

The new railway will bring huge benefits to our area, cutting journey times to central London, boosting the local economy and reducing the strain on existing overground and Northern line services. It will also unlock thousands of new affordable homes in Wandsworth.

It will also ensure that London remains globally competitive, creating jobs and growth across the national economy, while encouraging people to make greener journeys into and across London.

Visit the new Crossrail 2 consultation

Dan Watkins

Dan Watkins, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Tooting, has been at the forefront of the campaign to bring Crossrail 2 to our area, and was successful in getting access shafts removed from Wandsworth Common. Visit for more information.

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    A few weeks ago Northern Line was shut due to a person on track at Kennington. Everyone was heading for Balham overground. Balham Station has queues running long on to the high street. I lf we have the Cross Rail in Tooting, congestion during such events will be spread and well managed. Commuters will still be able to reach work in time.
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    Good connectivity to services – gives Tooting a nice boost and might make it a slightly nicer area! Also near to St Geroges, whcih is good for visits etc
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  • @SophieHopgood tweeted link to this page. 2016-05-23 10:11:30 +1200
    I’ve just had my say on #BalhamOrTooting for the new Crossrail 2 station. You can too at
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    Balham already connects to Clapham Junction & Victoria via the overground. Give Tooting the connection!